Friday, August 12, 2011


Dipity is a very innovative Web 2.0 tool.  It is an interactive time line has many functions.  You can either create your own timeline or search other timelines.  When you create a timeline, you can add photos or video or audio








Classroom Ideas

1.  Historical Timeline
2.  Follow Changes in Technology
3.  Track events in a Novel

(all found at

Lesson Plan

A.  Content Area and Grade Level
       -Fourth Grade Social Studies
B.  Goals
       -The goal of this lesson is for students to look at a significant event in history and be able to map out the events and put them in chronological order by date.  They will learn the historical importance as well as learn how to use dipity and technology in the classroom.  Students are expected to create a completed timeline using dipity.
C.  Objectives
       -Students will be able to use the Internet and access the online tool dipity in order to create an interactive digital timeline.  Students will import dates and text as well as media to create a complete timeline of a significant historical event assigned to them by the teacher.
D.  Description
       -Dipity is a safe online tool that helps students create timelines.  As long as there is internet access, the students will be able to utilize this tool.
E.  Assessment
       -Students will have two weeks to create a detailed timeline.  They will turn in the link or the PDF form of their timeline.  It will be graded using a premade rubric that assesses on the information used, if the dates are in correct order and if all of the major events are included.

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